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Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist, Samantha Leighton, is a qualified and accredited Soft Tissue Therapist and founder of SL Sports Massage.

Samantha has 17 years experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor and has worked with athletes from all sporting backgrounds as well as providing corporate fitness advice to the BBC. She trained in sports massage having benefitted from treatment herself during a severe hamstring injury.

Everyone can benefit from sports massage - not just athletes. Treatment is ideal for easing aches and pains, resolving postural problems and helping with work-related impediments - no matter how active a person is.

Sports massage is the care and rehabilitation of the body's muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is a deep tissue treatment using slow movements with pressure to reduce the tension in concentrated areas. It works by reaching troublesome underlying layers of soft tissue.

Samantha treats:

  • Stress relief - intensive massage to relieve further build up of tension in the body
  • Pre-event massage - aimed at runners and other sports competitors who want to prepare their muscles for optimum performance
  • Post-event massage - increasing your recovery rate by removing metabolic waste, especially lactic acid
  • Rehabilitation massage - speeding up recovery from an injury or chronic problem and reducing the risk of an injury happening again.

First visit. Initial appointments last about an hour. Samantha will ask about your symptoms and medical history and may perform a gentle evaluation through touch to locate painful and tense areas. She will devise a personal treatment plan and advise on the likely number and frequency of treatments required.

Further visits. Follow-up treatments each last approximately an hour.

Samantha says: 'I first received sports massage while recovering from a severe hamstring injury sustained during an ultra marathon. It was by far the most beneficial treatment of everything I tried - so much so that I decided to retrain in this field and have gone on to work at rugby clubs, and at the finish line of many marathons and triathlon events. But you don't have to be an athlete to benefit. Massage can help everyone, whatever their age and level of activity.'