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Doctor of Chiropractic, Ashley Wells, DC MChiro LCC, is a fully qualified practitioner and a registered member of the British Chiropractic Association.

He studied at Europe’s leading chiropractic college The Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth for five years, graduating in 2006.

Ashley’s interest in chiropractic goes back to his childhood when, having suffered several rugby injuries, he found himself in the safe hands of an exceptional chiropractor who, unknowingly, inspired Ashley to choose chiropractic as a career!

Ashley also offers TOG Gaitscan, a system of diagnosis that recognises that problems with the lower limbs and back, as well as poor posture, are often be linked to the position of our feet and ankles. Ashley uses state-of-the-art Gaitscan technology to assess the foot and ankle, examining the force distribution and pressure applied through the sole of the foot, both when static and when moving. Subtle adjustments to the position of the foot (achieved through bespoke insoles) can re-balance the foot and maintain optimal biomechanics throughout other areas of the body. The system is particularly beneficial for sports injuries and degenerative joints.

Ashley says: 

‘I was immensely proud and excited to enter a profession that I had known I had wanted to be part of since the age of 12. I worked at clinics in West Yorkshire before setting up independently in Richmond, North Yorkshire, during which time I worked alongside GPs, physiotherapists, and podiatrists, and learnt the true benefits of working together; not just to treat specific skeletal, muscle and neurological conditions, but to improve patient wellness generally.

‘The same approach applies today with my own team of therapists. We have excellent relationships with the local GPs and have an effective network of clinical referral systems, enabling us to act fast on behalf of patients. We strive to offer excellent service and rapid reduction in pain. I hope we continue to grow and carry on providing a community with quality chiropractic care.'